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Onze diensten

Onze diensten

Our certified computer technicians are ready to assist you with any needed advice, upgrades or repairs. Whatever your computer needs, you can feel comfortable dealing with us!

We also offer remote services. Most computer problems can be solved remotely. By downloading TeamViewer or AnyDesk, we can see the screen of your PC and solve most problems remotely. Of course, every connection is established with your permission. You first provide us with a password by telephone before we can access your computer, laptop or tablet. This way you don't have to make an appointment, so you will be helped faster, and you can see exactly how we solve the problem

Hoe werkt het ?


Stap 1
You contact us.
This can be done by telephone, email or via our website

Stap 4
You will be called back by the technician within 24 hours after you have contacted us to schedule an appointment.

Stap 2
You indicate what you need help with and describe the problem. You also provide your contact details.

Stap 5
You choose to have someone come by or to request Remote Assistance. With remote assistance, you will often be helped within 24 hours.

Stap 3
We analyze the assignment and link you to a suitable technician in your area.


Stap 6
After the solution has been reached, you will receive an invoice by email. You can pay by Internet banking.

Uw laptop start niet op?

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